Arscott and Houghton standing by pummel

A belatrova product is the result of the inspiring collaboration between a painter, Peter Arscott, and a potter, Stuart Houghton.

Peter and Stuart bring the artist’s touch to domestic design, injecting both fun and fine art painting into interior design and home furnishings. While each belatrova piece is distinctive and a delight to the discerning eye, they also complement each other when used in combinations.

The quality of each product – be it a coaster, dish or bowl, a large slab pot, lamp, table top, or Bird Bath – flows from the rich blend of individual touch and the use of fine decorative colour. This quality is based on a deep, inherited artistic tradition, combined with an eye for robust practical uses and fine proportions.

When we are producing a belatrova product we consider the user, and the impact that an object has on its surroundings – for no design can be considered good if it doesn’t respond to these. In the end it is about recognising that special moment when a work is ‘right’, when it becomes singular and particular, when it becomes a ‘belatrova’ piece.

For further information contact Peter at or on 07734 678667.