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contemporary stylish fruit bowl

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A distinctive ceramic fruit bowl that will serve as a centrepiece for any table, a modern and bold piece that is eye-catching and fun


How we make a contemporary ceramic fruit bowl

Once it is cool enough for us to open the kiln we take the bowl out and apply the brush markings with oxides such as Tin with Chrome, Cobalt Blue with Red Iron Oxide, Cobalt with Nickel, Chromium Oxide Potash with Tin Oxide, and stains such as Turquoise, Cornflower and Bramley Green, to achieve its distinctive colours. Then we dip the piece in a transparent glaze and refire the piece to 1275 degrees.

It takes another three days before we can open the kiln again. If you heat clay too fast it cracks and if you let it cool down too fast it will also disappoint you when you open the lid of the kiln. It is always a scary moment.

This bowl is food safe but because of its shape we recommend you avoid putting it in the dishwasher. It measures appreox 14 cms wide and 40 cms from tip to tip.

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