contemporary studio vase


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a ceramic piece for anyone who likes strong visual impact in the home: part vase, part sculpture, entirely modern.



This hand made contemporary studio vase is for you to look and enjoy as a piece of sculpture, but that need not stop you from putting flowers in it. We have uploaded as many images as possible to allow you to view the piece from all angles. This is a ceramic piece that calls attention to itself, and will easily be the centrepiece of any display because of its shape and its colours, which change with each angle you see it from.

This is a seriously fun piece – just right for those of you who enjoy strong visual impact

contemporary studio vase, and just a little jazzy

It is part of belatrova’s thelonious series, with the great jazz pianist Thelonious Monk in mind, and as such it carries within some of the free-wheeling spirit of jazz and be-bop within. Click here to see our pots in action.

We make our vases and pots using Valentine Porcelain which we work and then put through the roller. We then cut out these rolled pieces into the shapes we want and leave them for twenty four hours to acquire a leather hardness – hard enough for us to work on and join up together vertically, but flexible enough to allow robust handling. This piece is made from various parts, each treated differently as if  belonging to another piece altogether, but all biscuited in one piece.

how we get the colours

After a thelonious piece is bisque fired at 1000 degrees, the oxides are painted on. We use Tin with Chrome, Cobalt Blue with Red iron Oxide, Cobalt with Nickel, Chromium Oxide Potash with Tin Oxide, and a variety of stains. Every vase is unique and will contain the same colours with variations in brushstroke and hue. A clear glaze is poured on and it is once more placed in the kiln for the final firing at about 1270 degrees. Each large pot takes up the whole space in a kiln.

It is liberating to make pieces without worrying about the end result, and if one piece turns out to be a failure then the next one will be stronger for it. In this we are aided and abetted by our hard working pug mill who is called “Thelonious” and who is by far the hardest working member of the team.

By the way, you can also use the vase as a tureen bowl – it would brighten up any party if you filled it with Black Velvet (recipe here). It holds 1.5 litres.

2.5 kl weight. 28cms h x 24 w x 21 d.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 21 x 24 x 28 cm
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