ceramic planter showin blue brushstrokes under glaze

ceramic planter


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Beautiful hand made ceramic planter for outdoors or indoors, hand painted and unique, will set off any space in your garden or house, specially with primarily yellow or warm coloured plants in them.


ceramic planter for all seasons

A ceramic planter comes in all shapes and sizes, and ours are fabulous in all weathers and look good with any plant. Your decision is choosing what to put in the planter, whether it is to be kept outdoors or indoors.

We’ve been making a new ceramic planter that will bring to life any corner of a garden or patio, and, because they are mostly blue in colour, it will set off the warmer yellow, orange or ochre hues of the plants. Furthermore, blue is serene and mentally calming, associated with intelligence, communication, trust, efficiency, serenity, duty, logic, coolness, reflection, calm, and thus a nice contrast with yellow and its optimism, confidence, self-esteem, extroversion, emotional strength, friendliness and creativity.

All of that in one planter, but then belatrova does like to carry out as much research as possible on behalf of its supporters and customers, and this often reveals things we were not aware of – perse, smalt and watchet, for example, are all associated with blue, as are the better known azure, cobalt, navy, sapphire, cerulean, cyaneous, mazarine, pavonated, perwinkle and ultramarine.

How we make them

After a slab pot has cooled down from its bisque firing, the oxides are painted on. The oxides of the Brushstroke Blues range include Cobalt Blue, Nickel, Iron Chromate, Cornflower and Bramley stains. Every slab pot is unique and contains the same colours with slight variations in touch and balance. Once a clear glaze is poured over the surface it is once more placed in the kiln for the final firing at about 1270 degrees. This is when vitrification takes place, making the ceramic tough and resistant to weather extremes of heat and cold. They will not crack in a frost.

Each pot has the belatrova “b” seal on its underside.

dimensions: 18 x 18 x 18 cms

price: £55

Our Delivery charge within Mainland UK is £5.95 on orders of up to £75. Delivery is free within Mainland UK for orders of over £75. (Bird Baths - please note that because of the combined weight of the base and ceramic bird bath we have added a £40 delivery charge which is included in the overall price. We will refund this amount to any purchaser who collects their bird bath from our Herefordshire workshop. Murals - prices on application). Please e-mail us at info@belatrova.co.uk before placing an order if you would like your purchases to be delivered beyond Mainland UK and overseas so that we can let you know what the delivery cost will be.