This is perfect for those art-conscious buyers looking for new things that offer strong visual impact with changes of scale and colour. Every coffee table is hand-made, hand-painted and unique. It could be described as a horizontal painting on four legs, and certainly our customers get a lot of pleasure from simply looking down on them and enjoying the colours.

It is not just a coffee table, if the mood takes you the tops can also be displayed as circular paintings on a wall once the beech legs are unscrewed.

Robust and beautiful tables

“I move my table around – pull it up to the sofa with a book or a cup of tea on it, and it is low enough for the children to draw, paint or write on and pleasingly easy to wipe clean…every morning I come down and see it in a different light depending on the day outside or else it might be a particular object on the surface itself which sets off a combination of colours. Looking at a piece of art from above is different from having it on the wall.”
(Jo Kingham, Ledbury).