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a unique contemporary fruit bowl, yours for half the price!

A unique contemporary fruit bowl, unusual but really elegant, and ideal as a way to serve fruit, or snacks, and it really comes into its own when used simply as a table centrepiece. This handmade ceramic bowl’s three legs give it a steady balance and a charming retro look.

We really enjoyed making this. The shape is a winner and it truly stands out in any setting, whether it has anything in it or nothing at all. We call it a three legged banana bowl and it has enough personality to speak for itself: notice the motifs, all the different blue and cobalt brushmarks.

Each piece takes days to make, from flattening the clay and passing it through the slab roller, shaping and cutting and letting it dry for over a week, then biscuit firing it to 1000 degrees. We shaped this one over a large round cement garden ornament.

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Once it is cool enough for us to open the kiln we take the bowl out and apply the brush markings with oxides such as Tin with Chrome, Cobalt Blue with Red Iron Oxide, Cobalt with Nickel, Chromium Oxide Potash with Tin Oxide, and stains such as Turquoise, Cornflower and Bramley Green, to achieve its distinctive colours. Then we dip the piece in a transparent glaze and refire the piece to 1275 degrees.

It takes another three days before we can open the kiln again. If you heat clay too fast it cracks and if you let it cool down too fast it will also disappoint you when you open the lid of the kiln. It is always a scary moment.

The piece is food safe, but owing to its shape we recommend avoiding the dishwasher. Approx  14 cms wide and 40 cms from tip to tip.

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