Planters for gardens and indoors

Glazed ceramic planters you can put anywhere

Our glazed ceramic planters and slab pots are ornamental as well as practical objects used as umbrella or walking stick stands, as indoor plant displays, or just to brighten up a corner in a room.

Unlike many planters ours are colourful and bold, and when placed strategically in the garden or patio or terrace, they can brighten the space around them as well as complement the plants inside. They work well in small to medium spaces, or in clusters and groups.

Perfect for showing off your plants and herbs

They can also light up indoor areas such as conservatories and sitting rooms, we make them in the Brushstroke Blues range, using oxides and stains such as cobalt and tin oxide which we paint onto the biscuited surface before firing them at a temperature of 1275 degrees – this vitrifies the material and makes them strong and frost proof.

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Planters and pots for gardens and indoors

We use Valentine Grogged Porcelain which is worked and put through the roller. These rolled pieces are cut into the shapes required. Two people are needed, one to hold the pieces in place and the other to apply the clay slip between the pieces before pressing both edges together.

How they are made

After a planter pot is bisque fired, the oxides are painted on. We use colours such as Tin with Chrome, Cobalt Blue with Red iron Oxide, Cobalt with Nickel, Chromium Oxide Potash with Tin Oxide, and a variety of stains. Every planter is unique and will contain the same colours with variations in brushstroke and hue. A clear glaze is poured on and it is once more placed in the kiln for the final firing at about 1275 degrees. At this temperature the ceramic becomes vitrified, which means that it is robust and, if placed in the garden, can stand up to extremes of weather without cracking.

Indoors or out

They may be planters and pots for indoors and outdoors, but they are also flexible enough to be used in other ways, such as to display and hold sweets. Think of other ways of using what is potentially a centre piece for any table, and a subject of conversation as much as its contents are.

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