Contemporary wall mirrors

Home decor with distinctive visual impact

Our contemporary wall mirrors are perfect for complementing any current contemporary home decor. At belatrova we bring the artist’s touch to domestic design, injecting both fun and fine art painting into interior design and home furnishings. Each belatrova piece is distinctive and a delight to the discerning eye, and perfect for those buyers looking for something that offers strong visual impact with changes of scale and colour

Make the most of your wall space with a unique hanging wall mirror from belatrova. When choosing a contemporary mirror for your home take your time because there is much more to enhancing your living room with a mirror, especially if you want to make full of a contemporary mirror’s functionality but also the visual impact it can bring to a space.

If you are looking for a wall mirror that creates a design feature in your living room why not hang a beautiful belatrova mirror mounted in a hand-painted wooden surround over your fire place mantle? Or try it

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The paints used on this mirror are Golden acrylics, used by professional artists everywhere, and considered the highest quality.

The paint is applied by brush onto the sealed surface, and once dry, it has three layers of a heat resistant varnish sprayed on.

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