Bird Baths

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Having decided to extend belatrova’s range of hand made ceramics from inside the house to outside we started by creating a stylish ceramic bird bath with a neck on the underside which fits neatly and securely into a hole on the top of a beautiful oak plinth.

The bowls are molded into a large platter shape using a grogged porcelain which ensures an extra robustness for the outdoors – and a practical watering place for garden birds.

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  • Temporarily unavailable. For enquiries please ring: 07734 678667

    Our stylish ceramic birdbath has a ‘collar’ on the underneath which fits neatly and securely into a hole on the top of the oak base.

    We use an oak base because it is strong and durable – and very resistant to moisture, the elements, and fungal or insect attack. The assortment and complexity of patterns on the wood change as time passes and give the oak base an appearance other hardwoods can’t match. (Please note that because of the combined weight of the base and ceramic bird bath we have added a £40 delivery charge which is included in the overall price. We will refund this amount to any purchaser who collects their birdbath from our Herefordshire workshop).

    The ceramic birdbath is currently available in a plain (white) glaze – and measures 48cms in diameter and 10cms deep. The oak plinth measures 25cms x 25cms x 55cms (Medium) or 25cms x 25cms x 75cms (Large).

    As seen in Country Living and Gardens Illustrated

  • Our ceramic Bird Baths have a ‘collar’ on the underneath which fits neatly and securely into a hole on the top of the oak base.  We recommend that this oak plinth should be set into new concrete if it is being placed on rough ground.

    Alternatively, we also supply a galvanised metal plate which can be fixed to the base of the oak plinth so that the Bird Bath can be positioned on flat, solid ground such as existing concrete, or stone slabs.

    This galvanised metal baseplate is an optional extra which can be ordered at the same time as ordering one of our Bird Baths.

  • This bird bath is the solution for bird lovers with small or no garden at all – just screw it to an exterior wall, preferably near a window so you can see the birds perch on its rim. This ceramic bird bath is easy to clean and is available in a turquoise glaze.

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For enquiries please ring: 07734 678667

The Beauty of Bird Baths

Like all animals, birds need water to survive, and most drink water everyday. But they also use water for bathing to clean their feathers and remove parasites. For this reason a good supply of water is attractive to them and should provide you with a good opportunity to watch and observe their behaviour.

A good bird bath is not too deep, and should closely resemble a puddle in depth – which is why belatrova’s design is shallow, no deeper than three inches at the center. Our bird baths are made of glazed ceramic so that you can clean the basin easily; concrete basins have tiny nooks and cracks that gather algae and sediment and are hard to scrub. Concrete can also crack when it freezes in winter.

You can put clean sand in the middle of our basin, to give the birds a sure footing, or a small flat stone in the middle that emerges from the water so that birds can perch and not get wet (some are fussier than others)Place the bird bath where you can see it from indoors, from your kitchen sink, say, or office or sitting room.

If possible position it in the shade a couple of yards from a tree or shrub – shade keeps the water fresh longer, and any nearby cover means birds can escape safely if a predator appears. Make sure the cover is not too near where a cat can lie in wait and pounce. Give the birds a chance to see the cat coming.

Keep your bird bath full of water all the time and you will receive more visits, and remember to clean it before any green algae starts to form, though our glazed ceramic does delay this process considerably.


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