Ceramic Art

Ceramic art by belatrova

From our stylish lamps, to our designer coffee tables, and our ceramic bird baths on oak plinths – belatrova is a creative mix of function, style, and beauty.

With the introduction of our latest range of  Ceramic Art, we are complementing this by developing a growing collection of ‘freewheeling pottery’ – inspired by the Jazz pianist Thelonious Monk.

Thelonious Monk approached his piano in his own inimitable manner. As he saw it, “the piano ain’t got no wrong notes!” and this explains his unique jazz style. For a ceramicist, going to Monkland means that you accept one condition only – that there is no wrong way to make ceramics.

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contemporary ceramic art to enjoy at home

Ceramic art pieces are not necessarily only practical but also fun and visually interesting – eye-catching in the way belatrova has set about reshaping and rebuilding the conventional shape of the vessels before they reach the kiln.

People look at these objects and consider whether they could use them or not, or whether to go for them because they are sculptures that fill a space in an interesting way.

People buy them and take them home, sometimes placing them in a particular place in a room, say a mantelpiece or a shelf, or else putting flowers in them and changing their position every now again. The work swings between functionality and abstraction – and this is what gives it its allure. It’s playful.


Showing all 12 results