generic choice of weekWould you like to commission a unique belatrova ceramic bowl, coffee table, or birdbath from us – custom-made specifically for you?

Perhaps you’ve seen our tables and would like one that looks similar to one we’ve already created, but we don’t have it in stock. Or, you like our work, but want a large dish that is slightly different in size, shape, or price from what you’ve seen. Or, maybe you like one of our styles of floor lamps but want it in different colours. If so, please talk to us about your requirements – we’re sure we can help!

Either call in to our workshops in Ledbury, Herefordshire or send us an e-mail ( explaining what you would like to commission from us. We will talk this through with you and then send you a proposal covering everything we’ve talked about for your special piece – including a sketch, price, and how long it would take to make. Once you are happy with the proposal, sketch, and price, we ask for a 50% deposit and will then order the materials and schedule the making of your special piece. When it is ready we will invoice you for the remaining 50% and on receipt of this will ship your special commission to you.

Please note that our work is abstract so while we will try to meet your requirements we don’t make tables or ceramics in styles other than our own ranges, and we don’t paint copies of photographs or objects.