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h.Art 2016 (Saturday 10th to Sunday 18th September 2016)

belatrova is taking part in h.Art 2016 and our Workshop will be open from 10.00am to 5.30pm each day.

On display will be a range of belatrova ceramics including Bird Baths, Lamps, Wave and Banana Bowls, and our Tiled Tables. We will also have a selection of our ‘end of range’ ceramics at very attractive prices!

Beautiful and practical ceramics from Stuart Houghton, Fleen Doran, and Wendy Houghton will also
be on display.

We look forward to welcoming you.

undulating ceramic fruit bowl

Summer Open Studio Weekend

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July 2016

Summer 2016 open studio, front copy Hi Res

Summer 2016 open studio, inside copy

map copy


Have you ever wondered how to make a ceramic banana bowl using only a rolling pin and a large round garden ornament? Here’s how:

Bathing across Counties

In Hertfordshire, Herefordshire, and Hampshire hurricanes – as they say – may hardly ever happen, making it safe for local birds to take advantage of our stylish ceramic Bird Baths which we have supplied to customers across these three counties.

And we have supplied more belatrova Bird Baths to customers in other counties across the UK including Devon, Gwent, South Glamorgan, and Buckinghamshire.

Our Bird Baths are available in a plain, turquoise, or green (celadon) glaze and have a ‘collar’ on the underneath which fits neatly and securely into a hole on the top of the oak base – which we use because it is strong and durable and on which, as time passes, develop a complexity of patterns.

birdbath evans 2

Making a ceramic lamp the belatrova way – see the video

Illuminating The Feathers

The Feathers
We are very pleased that The Feathers Hotel in Ledbury commissioned  two of our large lamps which are now adding to the ambience of the foyer area. Elegant and practical, our lamps certainly seem at home in their new surroundings!

Sea Bass

sea bassSomething else to be found in our fridge (see below) or is there more to it than that…! Well, yes there is as this is one of a number of paintings from artist Nicky Arscott which belatrova has been pleased to have on display in our Workshop in Ledbury for the past couple of months.

Nicky’s exhibition has now come to an end but she currently exhibits work through The Horsebox Gallery in London.

The Fridge

belatrova fridge

Surely an accurate indication of the type of person or persons in any workplace will be what is found in the fridge. Looking carefully at the image you can just see part of a bottle of milk in the bottom right hand corner and on a shelf a bar of health-giving chocolate next to a pot of jam. The partially covered tub of olives on the top shelf, the lemons at the bottom, along with the bottles of Martini, Prosecco and white wine, are, of course, specially reserved for our visitors on Friday afternoons. All in all, a well balanced combination of liquid and solids, we say.

Pyrometric Limpopo
A herd of elephants appearing out of the darkness into the early morning sunshine? A gathering of mice burying their heads in the dark sand?

Images can be deceptive – any ideas on what this is? pyrometric limpopo 21st April 2015