Art for Living from the belatrova workshop
Hand Made in Herefordshire, UK

  • Unique garden table with hand painted tiles, ideal for outside use or in a conservatory – beautiful and practical.

  • Our stylish ceramic bird bath is available in a plain, turquoise, or green (celadon) glaze and has a ‘collar’ on the underneath which fits neatly and securely into a hole on the top of the oak base.

    We use an oak base because it is strong and durable – and very resistant to moisture, the elements, and fungal or insect attack. The assortment and complexity of patterns on the wood change as time passes and give the oak base an appearance other hardwoods can’t match. (Please note that because of the combined weight of the base and ceramic bird bath we have added a £40 delivery charge which is included in the overall price. We will refund this amount to any purchaser who collects their bird bath from our Herefordshire workshop).

    The ceramic bird bath is available in a choice of three colours – plain, light blue, or celadon (gentle green) – and measures 48cms in diameter and 10cms deep. The oak plinth measures 25cms x 25cms x 55cms (Medium) or 25cms x 25cms x 75cms (Large).

    As seen in Country Living and Gardens Illustrated

  • A sharp-edged design reminiscent of 1950’s geometric decor. We hand make our lamps with our trade-mark ‘twist’ in their design which we shape when forming the sides of the lamp. This echoes the distinctive ‘twist’ that can also be found in our Slab Pots.    33cms high  x 18cms wide.

    Elle Decoration Logo

  • This blue ceramic bowl is cut by hand from rolled porcelain, unlike the Leaf and Oval shapes for which a stencil is used.

    Our individually shaped Brushstroke Blues Freehand Bowls come in two sizes – Medium 21cms and Large 25cms.

  • This large coiled Valencia dish measuring 47cms in diameter is one of our stunning hand made and individually hand decorated ceramics bowls – coiled, glazed, and fired in our workshops in Herefordshire, UK.

  • Hand painted to complement belatrova's beautiful range of Valencia ceramic bowls, slab pots, and lamps – this table will enhance your lounge, hallway, or studio.